Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have I lost my competitive edge?!

I never thought I'd be a runner who would be happy just to squeeze in a 30 minute jog on their lunch break, but without a detailed training plan, that's exactly who I've become (temporarily). Without actually scheduling time in my day for my training, it sometimes doesn't happen. As a family, we're really focused on Brent's training and my pregnancy right now. So between dropping off Ciara at pre-school, Brent off at practice, shuffling to the other side of town for my check-up, grocery shopping,and running errands, I had exactly 32 minutes yesterday to fit in some sort of workout.

At any other point in my life, even during my last pregnancy, this sort of slacking in my running would drive me crazy. I mean, really. I barely had time to change shoes and start my watch to get in (probably less than) four miles. No strides?! No general strength? Not even any dynamic stretching!? Who have I become? ;0)

Well, lucky for me, just as I was finishing up my run and contemplating the end of my life as I knew it, one lucky, middle-aged, over-weight jogger pulled onto the path about 10 meters in front of me. Now if I'm honest, I was completely content not to pass first. We were going about the same pace and it wasn't bothering me. But then - oooh but then - I remembered who I was.

I just couldn't help myself. My pace was quickening and I was pulling up behind him. The thought crossed my mind that I might preserve his ego and maybe just slowly pass. Forget that! I zoomed by him, turned the corner, and did a mini-stride up the hill. Victory! I still pass people on the creek path! I will always be a runner who passes people on the creek path! Now back in the car, off to pick up the family and head home to make dinner...

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  1. Fun read. I look forward to sharing a run next week, assuming you don't decide to drop one of those "mini-strides" on me.